The very good dogs of Team Appaman!

March 22, 2019 in Appaman News, NYC

We are major dog lovers here at Appaman. You may know that Appaman mascot Party Hat Husum — one of the world’s great dogs and a member of our founders’ family —  comes to work at Appaman HQ nearly every day, to the delight of all that encounter him (except the FedEx guy…sorry, FedEx guy!), and works hard to make our office a happier place every day.

Party Hat, catalog enthusiast, reviewing the Spring 2019 collection.

He was once interviewed for this very blog

He has appeared in many of our videos…

He even inspired one of our t-shirts, years ago…

Party Hat inspired this t-shirt when he was just a little puppy.

Who you have not yet met are the canine companions of the rest of our staff! All dogs are good dogs, and it’s only fair that we introduce each one to our internet friends (i.e. you, Dear Reader). We asked the Appaman HQ dog parents to tell us about their pups, and the weirdest things they do.

First up is Party Hat’s coworker, Ducky, who also comes to the office. (They’re learning how to share toys and have seemingly devised a bark-based Delivery Person Alert System of the highest efficiency)


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Dog name: Duckworth “Ducky” Danger McTilt

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Age:  5-ish (Ducky was rescued as an adult, so we’re not sure. PSA: Adopt adult dogs!)

Owner: Kathleen, Production Manager

Weirdest thing Ducky does: He loves to spin in circles when he’s happy or confused, and hang upside down in your arms. And even though he’s missing a front leg, he still lifts a back one to pee.

Social: You can follow Ducky on Instagram at @ducky_mctilt


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Dog name: Meatball Josephine Grimaldi

Breed: Unidentified mix of Pomeranian, Chihuahua, American Staffordshire Terrier (Pit Bull), according to a DNA test.

Age: 6 (Meatball is a Pisces, her birthday was March 19)

Owner: Val, Girls Designer

Weirdest thing Meatball does: She has lots of weird habits.  One of her favorite things to do is steal your spot when you get up, and then she refuses to move when you return.  We call her the warm spot stealer. She also “kills” her stuffed squirrel nightly and tries to trade us for our food (which has never worked).


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Dog name: Nova

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier/Bichon Frise mix

Age: 20 months. She will be two on July 4 (all-American dog)

Owner: Tina, wholesale account manager

Weirdest thing Nova does: EVERYTHING! (Just kidding) She is super affectionate and loves attention. She loves to sleep with her head buried or her blanket covering her face.


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Dog name: Tucker

Breed: Mini Goldendoodle

Age: 3

Owner: Jenna, Head of Finance

Weirdest thing he does: Tucker is a very good boy without any particularly weird tendencies. But his favorite things to do are destroying all toys and playing with his two human siblings, whom he adores.

Brees and Harley

Dog names: Brees and Harley

Breed: Border Collie/Aussie (Brees) and Great Dane (Harley)

Age: 5.5 & (almost) 5

Owner: Alex G, Ecommerce Manager

The weirdest thing they do: Brees hates when Dad beat boxes and howls at fire trucks. Harley gives big hugs, prances like a horse and will have a conversation with you in his own dog words.

Abby’s Cats

These are Abby’s cats, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. She submitted them in protest of there being no Caturday blog post. There, Abby, are you happy??