Summer Camp FOMO

July 27, 2018 in Appaman Style, DIY, NYC, Press, Star Style, Uncategorized

We are currently receiving footage from some of Appaman’s youngest members out on Summer camp, its got us suffering serious bouts of nostalgia. Looking at the number of summer camps popping up for adults and “millennial” (apparently a distinct category) we’re not alone. Before you shill out the big bucks on a  kidults camp here are some great alternatives we’ve found in NYC.



One of the most iconic summer camp activities has to be kayaking. It may bring back memories of soggy feet, soggier snacks and a rising sense of panic as your kayak moves in circles while your friends streak ahead of you but now you’re all grown up you can live out your kayak dreams, and see if you’ve improved, right here in Manhattan at  MKC Kaya



Friendship Bracelets

For those whose friendships survived kayaking together friendship bracelets are a truly take anywhere anytime past time. We’ve been making them at our desks.




Lake Swimming

While I’d struggle to suggest an open body of water in Manhattan you should swim in there are plenty of lakes in upstate New York that might take your fancy. Lake Tiorati is only one hour out of manhattan and located in Harriman state park.

…which brings us to our next activity.



There are so many hiking opportunities and now that you don’t have an over eager instructor hassling you along you can take your own leisurely pace, and even stop for a picnic!




(Pictured: hiking at your own pace, as an adult)


While not all summer camps had fencing I have distinct memories of my lack of coordination and fear of sharp objects being showcased during summer camp. Manhattan Fencing runs camps AND classes, or even better, or you can make like I am and just rewatch the the Parent Trap, I still get chills watching this scene.


And on that note we will leave you, with a glimpse of THE most teenage bunk arrangement we have ever seen from one of 2018’s summer camps!

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

February 10, 2016 in Holiday Style


Appaman Valentine's Day Kids


Besides Halloween, Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate with the kids. While February 14th might have been a day of romance before your kids were born, now it’s become a time to have fun and create traditions with the little ones in your family. Kids love holidays and there are tons of fun ways to create memories and celebrate with them on Valentine’s Day. Here, some fun Valentine’s Day ideas on how to spend this special day with your sweeties.

Vanilla Bean Raspberry Cupcakes

Bake Something Special
Getting messy with the kids in the kitchen is such a fun way to relax and bond. The first thing you need to do is not to stress about the mess! Let the dishes pile up and who cares if flour gets all over the floor. We love this yummy vanilla bean and raspberry cupcake recipe from the Pearls on a String blog. Cupcakes this pretty require a special tablescape, too. Toss some glitter on the table (don’t worry, you can vacuum later) and get out the sill straws. Invite friends over to help you and the kids devour the cupcakes.

Appaman Valentine's Day

Schedule a Date With Your Kids
A romantic night with your sweetheart might be a distant memory when you have kids, but that’s ok. Who wants to pay double the price for dinner just because it’s on February 14th anyway? How about planning a date day with the entire family? Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, so you can make day of it. Go see a movie, take a walk in the park or just put your phone on airplane mode for the day and focus on quality time. Project Motherhood’s Allison Cooper pictured above with son Branden (wearing Appaman’s Shoulder Panel Sweater and Flannel Shirt) has refocused her celebration of Valentine’s Day since her son was born to include the whole family.


Appaman Valentine's Day Boys

Get Dressed Up for a Fancy Dinner
Kids love any excuse to play dress up. Pull out their fancy party clothes– a pretty dress for the girls and a sharp suit for the boys — and have Valentine’s Day dinner at home. Put on some old school love songs, like Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole have a dance party with the kids. If you and the hubby want to relive your pre-kid days, have two dinner seatings. Serve the kids dinner early then put them to bed before you eat. Pop open the Prosecco and take your sweet time dining.

For more Valentine’s Day ideas with the kids, check out our Holidays with the Kids Pinterest board.