Inside Appaman HQ: Meet the designers!

November 1, 2017 in Appaman News, Appaman Style, Featured

We caught up with talented Appaman designers Will and Val. They are the faces behind the rad Appaman designs you know and love – we asked them about their design inspiration, process, and challenges.

So guys, when did you realize you wanted to be designers when you grow up? 

Will: Not until senior year of college…

Val:  I don’t remember a precise moment where a lightbulb went off that I should get into fashion design, but looking back it was sort of a clear choice.  My dad kept a bunch of my childhood drawings, including a hilarious fashion catalogue that we drew in crayon.  Then when I was in high school, I randomly asked for a sewing machine for Christmas.  I taught myself to sew, and began making my own (pretty terrible) patterns for everything from tote bags to table runners to dog clothes.  My mom and dad actually connected the dots, and nudged me in the right direction when it came to choosing a college. 

What is the biggest challenge in designing for kids?

ValOne challenge is that there are a lot of restrictions and safety rules that we have to follow.  Many of which often affect the overall look and construction of the final garments.  Also, kids need to be comfortable, they have zero tolerance for anything itchy or uncomfortable, so this is a little restricting when choosing fabrics, or seam placements. 

Will:  …Yeah straight up, safety issues. You have to design without the crutch of using a fancy trim, piece of hardware, drawcord, toggle etc.


Tell us about your design process? Where do you find inspiration?

Val: We begin by setting up themes for the upcoming season.  This year we are trying to tie the girl and boys line together under one theme, so things are more cohesive.  Then I will take all the hundreds and hundreds of swatches, pick out my favorites, and make try to make everything work together.  I would compare it to solving a puzzle.

WillInspiration comes from the world we live in. Current events, places we visit on vacation, celebrities, music, even the city you are in can help create a certain mood that can translate to the overall attitude/ vibe of the collection you are currently working on.


What makes you happy?

ValFor sure, the love of my life, Meatball, my dog (sorry husband).  I love anything to do with animals.  In fact, I always wanted to be a veterinarian when I was little, until I found out that the job entailed more than just hugging an endless amount of animals.

Will: Family. Whether they are related or just best friends, seeing family happy makes me happy.


Check out to shop our current winter collection. 

Picture Perfect

October 30, 2017 in Appaman Style, DIY, Featured, Holiday Style, Mom Hacks

We caught up with professional photographer and friend of Appaman Laura Orozco to get her top tips on taking a great family holiday photo.


1. Consider your wardrobe carefully.  Coordinate outfits, but don’t match.  Use similar colors and styles to create a cohesive look, but let individual styles shine through.  Avoid bright colors and busy patterns.  Bright colors tend to reflect a color cast onto skin, especially for those who have  fair skin. Also, busy patterns draw attention away from the subjects.  If you have trouble planning outfits, check out Pinterest for some ideas!

2. Try to limit your stress and expectations, and go into your session ready to have fun as a family.  As a photographer I have a list of poses and images that I want to capture, but every family dynamic is different.  My only “must have” images are the ones that capture real family moments – joyful, loving, tender, hilarious – even tantrums and meltdowns create beautiful memories!

3. Try to get your bodies as close as possible to portray warmth and connection in group shots.  When you think you’re close enough, move in even closer!  Just an inch of separation can change the feeling of an image.

4. Always let the photographer cue the kids.  Often, I’ll have a perfect shot of the kids, but I catch the parents mid-sentence or pointing towards the camera.  Sometimes, it is hard to get the kids to look at the camera, let alone smile at the same time.  If the parents are camera ready for all of the shots, it is easier to get a great group photo.  I always use parents as attention-getters, but only when the posed group photos are complete.

5. Bribes work really well!  Whether it is a toy after the session or snacks throughout the session, the toughest and grumpiest kids tend to take great photos with some fun or yummy incentives!



Check out Laura’s Amazing work on her Facebook or Instagram

Are your little ones wearing Appaman for your family holiday pics? Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @appaman for the chance to be featured!

Halloween costumes from your Appaman wardrobe

October 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

Halloween is a big deal here at Appaman HQ, so we like to do our best to help you find your dream costume. Here are six ideas for looks based on something you might already have in your Appaman wardrobe!

Shop the look:

Retro Track Suit

Shop the look:

  1. Faux Fur Coat
  2. Cosmos Lounge Pant
  3. Kat Hat

Shop the look:

  1. Willow Dress
  2. Leggings
  3. Verger Hat

Shop the look:

  1. Eve Dress
  2. Faux Fur Coat

Shop the look:

  1. Mod Suit
  2. Standard Shirt
  3. Tie

Shop the look:

  1. Fringe Jacket
  2. Skinny Twill Pants


October 11, 2017 in Appaman News, Appaman Style

We’re honored to receive the 2017 Earnie Award for Best Boys’ Collection and can’t wait to show you what’s in store for 2018!

Quick Questions with Gavin Reyes

October 4, 2017 in Appaman Style, Holiday Style, Star Style

Appaman was lucky enough to catch up with pint-sized influencer and fashion guru Gavin Reyes 



Hey Gavin – so what city do you live in? Northridge, LA. 

 Tell us a little about your family? I have a really big loving happy family.

 What is your favorite place to relax by yourself? Cancun.

 What is your favorite holiday destination for winter? Big Bear.

 How do you spend thanksgiving? With my family – we have a big party! 

 We have a pet-friendly office here at Appaman – do you have any beloved pets? Yes! Two french bulldogs.

 You’re on an island for 5 days – what  do you take with you? Water, music and stuff to make fire.

 What is the thing you are looking forward to most right now? Halloween! 

 If you were a school teacher, what subject would you be teaching and why? Art, i love art.


What is your favorite tv show and why? Spongebob – he’s funny! 

 What is your favorite movie and why? IT! I love horror films.

 If you could see one band or musician alive or dead, who would it be? The Beatles.

If you could borrow a celebrity’s closet, whose would it be? Elvis! He always dressed cool.

 What label would you wear to the MET gala? Appaman.

 If you had to wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be? Vans!

 What are your favourite Appaman pieces right now? The Tibetan Red Velvet Suit (pictured) 

 What app has changed your life? Instagram of course! 



Gavin is wearing our Tibetan Red Velvet Suit with our Navy Dot Standard Shirt 

Styling by Shannon Goldberg


Hanging out with Parker Bates

September 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

The young star of NBC’s This Is Us stopped by Appaman to talk all things LA, fashion and adventure. Catch the Season Premiere on NBC tonight! 

Hello Parker! So – first thing’s first – what city do you live in? Los Angeles, CA, but I’m from Frisco, Texas!

Tell us a little about your family? My mom and dad have rhyming names, Karli and Charlie. My brother Prestyn is a year older than me, and he is an actor too!

What is your favorite restaurant? Blue C Sushi in Hollywood, or Mama D’s in Manhattan Beach.

If you had a day in your city to yourself, talk us through how you would spend it? I would start at Dodger Stadium running the bases, move on to the The Galaxy Center to shoot some goals, then hike up and touch the Hollywood sign.  I think I would have to wrap up my day with a trip to Disneyland because there wouldn’t be any lines!   

What is your favorite holiday destination for winter? Angel Fire, New Mexico, because I love to snowboard, and that is where I learned how to when I was little. It’s a special place!

How do you spend thanksgiving? My mom’s birthday is sometimes on Thanksgiving, so we usually take her somewhere special and do a destination Thanksgiving! It’s kind of awesome to eat birthday cake and Turkey on the same day!

How do you usually spend fourth of July? We always go to the river in Texas and have a huge 4th of July brunch at my Grandparent’s house.  We go to the rodeo and fireworks show that evening.  It’s a blast!

You’re on an island for 5 days – what five things do you take with you? I would bring a 4-wheeler so I could explore, a portable BBQ grill, a tent, a friend, and fishing gear! Sounds like a fun vacation to me!

What is the thing you are looking forward to most right now?  Probably Halloween because we get to dress up and stay up late!  Plus, my mom makes us eat healthy, so I’m looking forward to CANDY!

What is your favorite TV show and why? I’m kind of hooked on Stranger Things right now.  It’s scary and suspenseful, plus I’ve met a couple of the kids from the show. I’m really excited they are getting so much positive recognition for their hard work.  It’s pretty cool these kids are making such a big impact in an adult industry!

What is your favorite movie and why? E.T. It’s a classic! It was totally ahead of its time and how could you not love the story?  I thought Drew Barrymore did an insane job for being so little!

What is your strangest talent – it can be anything! I’m crazy flexible, and I can do the splits!

If you could see one band or musician alive or dead, who would it be?  Charlie Puth for sure.  Guy is crazy talented!

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Well, I was lucky enough to hear Gwynn Stockwell, from Space X, speak the other day.  She says we will be traveling to the moon and possibly Mars soon!  I totally believe her and hope it happens.  I’ll be the first to book a vacay!  

In your life so far, what has been the most significant thing to happen to you? I would say that reaching a huge life goal would be super significant!  My goal was to be cast as a series regular on a network show, so getting to play Kevin Pearson is a total dream come true!  I am forever gracious for this opportunity to do what I love!

Who would play you in a biopic of your life? People have said I look like a young Leonardo DiCaprio, and he happens to be my favorite actor, so I would be honored if it were him!  But, it might make more sense for me to play him, and that would be totally ok with me!

If you had to wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be? Timbs, done!  Seriously bro, even with shorts…I love them!  (Timberlands)

What is your ‘spirit animal?’ My mom says I’m a lion.  Lions are brave and loyal, beautiful and strong.  It’s special that she thinks that of me.  She also says I’m always hungry, rough and wild, and that’s pretty accurate! 

What app has changed your life? Waze!  You LA people totally know what I’m talking about!  We couldn’t function without it!

Pictured: Parker wears the Retro Tracksuit Set in Black available on our website, shirt is Parker’s own. 

Photography: Irvin Rivera 

HMU: Sifa Mua

Styling: Shannon Goldberg

Find Parker on Instagram

Spotted: Appaman in Parents Magazine

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How cute is this avocado costume? Thanks Parents Magazine for the feature. You can get our Skinny Twill Pants in leather brown (pictured) and a variety of super cool colors from our web store.


Appaman July/August Press Round-Up!

August 18, 2017 in Appaman News, Appaman Style, In the news, Press, Star Style

We are so excited here at Appaman to drop our amazing winter line next week. So, we thought we’d do a PRESS ROUND UP of all the places you might have seen Appaman’s  FW17 line out and about.


We got a shout out in one of our favorite fashion blogs, RACKED, in an article on shopping for fun and unique Kid’s clothing. It turns out that Anica John, CEO of Kid Things is a huge Appaman fan! She comments:

 “I knew that I needed to get some brands that do boys’ clothes really well so it would be fun to shop for them.” She cites brands like Appaman and Andy + Evan as ones that carry more imaginative boys’ looks.”



You might have seen us Family Fun’s super cute round-up of back-to-school wear. We love the bright  colors and graphics! Can you spot our slim leg denim, our best-selling twill pants in jungle green and our girls Adler tee (the super cute silver donut print is hard to miss!)



We cannot get enough of this gorgeous cover pic of Ziggy Marley and his family. How handsome do the boys look in our fine tailoring?




We love the sharp styling of this great spread in  Earnshaw’s July magazine. You can see our Navy Windowpane suit (available now), and our favorite Faux fur girls coat in Garnet.



Appaman is a favorite for so many of our pocket-sized stars of stage and screen. Check it out!

Pint-sized youtube star @dieselrojas (seriously this kid can sing)  


Star of ‘This is Us’ @theparkerbates on the blue carpet

Augusto Montaro and his brother wear Appaman at this insanely dreamy wedding 


Young actor Julian Grey’s star is on the rise…we love his laid back Appaman styling for a European wedding.

Fall 2017 Style Guide

July 20, 2017 in New This Season

The Fall 2017 collection is here! Taking inspiration from tried-and-true street styles, American workwear, military-inspired menswear staples, and our own journeys down nostalgia lane, Fall 2017 consists of warm colors and great textures such as faux leather, canvas and twill. These clothes are ready for an adventure.

appaman fall 2017 style guide

View the full guide at the jump:

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Happy Birthday Party Hat!

June 19, 2017 in Appaman News

Our overwhelmingly cute and cuddly office dog and Assistant Nap Manager, Party Hat Husum, turns 7 years old today. To celebrate, we will give him lots of treats and belly rubs.  We love you, Party! Even when you’re weird and want to go play by yourself and hide under the clothes rack.