It’s National Donut Day! Here are five great NYC donut shops

June 1, 2018 in NYC

It’s National Donut Day and Appaman is celebrating! We couldn’t let this day go by without stopping by one of NYC’s many great donut shops, especially since today is our Spring/Summer ’19 catalog photoshoot and our hardworking team needed extra sustenance.

As long as we’re munchin’ on sweets, we figured we should round up our list of some of the best donut shops in New York.

Doughnut Planet haul before our staff dug into it.

  1. Doghnut Plant: Our pick for the day! For over 20 years, Doghnut Plant has been serving up beautiful, inventive donuts in Chelsea, Manhattan that look as good as they taste. Try the Brooklyn Blackout, Wild Blueberry, or Coconut Cream (it’s square!). Just don’t forget to Instagram it before you dig in.
  2. Peter Pan Donuts & Pastry Shop: This old school donut shop is a longstanding neighborhood staple in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  In a world of gourmet novelty donut flavors, this low key place mainly sticks to classic favorites like sour cream cake donuts, crullers, and Polish jelly filled paczki…and does them right. With it’s long soda shop counter and a staff in bright teal uniforms, it’s got a retro vibe that’s totally authentic.
  3. Donut Pub: This 24-hour donut joint has been serving up classics since 1964. The neon sign and window display full of donuts will draw you in like a moth to the flame at literally any time of day or night, but you’ll stay for the quintessentially New York diner counter and excellent mix range of novelty and classic flavors.
  4. Dough: Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn is the home of this growing bake shop, but these days you can find big, fluffy Dough donuts on the menus of all the best cafes and restaurants around New York. Their creative flavors and wonderful toppings and icing live up to the reputation.
  5. The Doughnut Project: Another one on our list that spells it the “long” way! The ricotta whip/ beet glaze creation known as “Those Beetz Are Dope” got rave reviews from an Appaman staffer who insisted that the Doughnut Project make our list. The menu includes other flavors like Bone Marrow Chocolate, Prosecco, and Olive Oil/Black Pepper that will make you rethink what a donut (doughnut?) can be.