December 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

We are very excited to launch the Spring ACC Collection. Once again Harald managed to find some incredibly talented artists selling on the streets of SOHO. SRC crew is based out of Brooklyn, NYC, they specialize in graffiti-style artwork. Founded in 2008 and started as a two-man team consisting of Jake “Drip” McDonough and Eric “Wics2” Cheung. Upon the passing of Drip, the team consists of Julian “Skare” Weiss and the original co- founder, Wics2. They are notorious for selling their artwork on the street and have gained recognition in graffiti and design cultures, having done work for Sid Chidiac, Liaison, Go Gangrene. Each member of the crew has their own style, and when mixed together create a plethora of visually-stunning imagery. They can always be found on Broadway and Spring St, in SoHo, NYC.” Check it all out here !