Hanging out with Parker Bates

September 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

The young star of NBC’s This Is Us stopped by Appaman to talk all things LA, fashion and adventure. Catch the Season Premiere on NBC tonight! 

Hello Parker! So – first thing’s first – what city do you live in? Los Angeles, CA, but I’m from Frisco, Texas!

Tell us a little about your family? My mom and dad have rhyming names, Karli and Charlie. My brother Prestyn is a year older than me, and he is an actor too!

What is your favorite restaurant? Blue C Sushi in Hollywood, or Mama D’s in Manhattan Beach.

If you had a day in your city to yourself, talk us through how you would spend it? I would start at Dodger Stadium running the bases, move on to the The Galaxy Center to shoot some goals, then hike up and touch the Hollywood sign.  I think I would have to wrap up my day with a trip to Disneyland because there wouldn’t be any lines!   

What is your favorite holiday destination for winter? Angel Fire, New Mexico, because I love to snowboard, and that is where I learned how to when I was little. It’s a special place!

How do you spend thanksgiving? My mom’s birthday is sometimes on Thanksgiving, so we usually take her somewhere special and do a destination Thanksgiving! It’s kind of awesome to eat birthday cake and Turkey on the same day!

How do you usually spend fourth of July? We always go to the river in Texas and have a huge 4th of July brunch at my Grandparent’s house.  We go to the rodeo and fireworks show that evening.  It’s a blast!

You’re on an island for 5 days – what five things do you take with you? I would bring a 4-wheeler so I could explore, a portable BBQ grill, a tent, a friend, and fishing gear! Sounds like a fun vacation to me!

What is the thing you are looking forward to most right now?  Probably Halloween because we get to dress up and stay up late!  Plus, my mom makes us eat healthy, so I’m looking forward to CANDY!

What is your favorite TV show and why? I’m kind of hooked on Stranger Things right now.  It’s scary and suspenseful, plus I’ve met a couple of the kids from the show. I’m really excited they are getting so much positive recognition for their hard work.  It’s pretty cool these kids are making such a big impact in an adult industry!

What is your favorite movie and why? E.T. It’s a classic! It was totally ahead of its time and how could you not love the story?  I thought Drew Barrymore did an insane job for being so little!

What is your strangest talent – it can be anything! I’m crazy flexible, and I can do the splits!

If you could see one band or musician alive or dead, who would it be?  Charlie Puth for sure.  Guy is crazy talented!

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Well, I was lucky enough to hear Gwynn Stockwell, from Space X, speak the other day.  She says we will be traveling to the moon and possibly Mars soon!  I totally believe her and hope it happens.  I’ll be the first to book a vacay!  

In your life so far, what has been the most significant thing to happen to you? I would say that reaching a huge life goal would be super significant!  My goal was to be cast as a series regular on a network show, so getting to play Kevin Pearson is a total dream come true!  I am forever gracious for this opportunity to do what I love!

Who would play you in a biopic of your life? People have said I look like a young Leonardo DiCaprio, and he happens to be my favorite actor, so I would be honored if it were him!  But, it might make more sense for me to play him, and that would be totally ok with me!

If you had to wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be? Timbs, done!  Seriously bro, even with shorts…I love them!  (Timberlands)

What is your ‘spirit animal?’ My mom says I’m a lion.  Lions are brave and loyal, beautiful and strong.  It’s special that she thinks that of me.  She also says I’m always hungry, rough and wild, and that’s pretty accurate! 

What app has changed your life? Waze!  You LA people totally know what I’m talking about!  We couldn’t function without it!

Pictured: Parker wears the Retro Tracksuit Set in Black available on our website, shirt is Parker’s own. 

Photography: Irvin Rivera 

HMU: Sifa Mua

Styling: Shannon Goldberg

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