It’s here: Appaman’s Halloween Costume Guide

October 21, 2016 in DIY, Holiday Style

We love Halloween here at Appaman. Each year, we put together some Halloween costume inspiration from our collection, for fashion-loving fans who want costumes pieces that can go right back into your regular wardrobe when the holiday is over and done.

Have you used Appaman threads for your Halloween costume? Send us pics!

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1. Pee- Wee Herman

Did someone say the secret word?
Shop the look:
1. Mod Suit in Glen Plaid
2. Standard Shirt in White
3. Bow Tie in Red Houndstooth


2. Grunge Rocker

This costume smells like teen spirit. Don't forget to order two sizes too big!

Channel your inner ’90s grunge rocker for a Halloween look that smells like (pre-)teen spirit.
Shop the look:
1. Prescott Cardigan
2. Flannel Shirt
3. Houston Henley
4. Muscle Hat
5. Slim Leg Denim


3. Punk Rocker



Be like your favorite ’80s punk rocker gal and mix in some pieces from the boys’ collection to create your own look. There’s a reason punks and New Yorkers love to wear black: nothing is easier to match.
Shop the look:
1. Stagg Jacket
2. Midtown Moto Jacket
3. Adler Tee
4. Cassettes Tee
5. Shiny Leggings
6. Denim Knit Jeggings
7. Studs Belt

4. Star Trek Crew Member


The best kind of space dress is a mod space dress. Our girls Fine Tailoring has two great options that channel this old school futuristic style. All that’s missing is the iconic insignia badge.
Shop the look:
1. Gemma Dress
2. Heather Dress

5. Cruella De Vil


Don’t tell Appaman HQ’s office dog/mascot, Party Hat, but we think Cruella De Vil is, hands-down, the most glamorous Disney villain. What can we say? She knows how to put an outfit together.
Shop the look:
1. Faux Fur Long Coat
2. Gemma Dress


6. Sibling costume: Austin Powers & Mini Me


If you’ve got an older kid who likes comedies from before their time, and a little sibling who likes to tag along, you can recreate the Goldmember bit in which Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, teams up with Dr. Evil’s clone and they both rock the same awesome retro blue velvet suit. Groovy, baby!
Shop the look:
1. Mod Suit in Seaport Velvet
2. Standard Shirt