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Italian high style

Our love for Italian style doesn’t stop at our Fine Tailoring Mod Suits, we’ve taken to the classic lawn sport, Bocce Ball. It’s amazing how fast the hours fly by when playing this classic Italian game.






Number one kids wardrobe hack

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Planning ahead your kids wardrobe for the week cuts down on time and negotiations. Appaman has all of your fall looks from sweats and jeans, to graphic tees and puffer vests.

The cooler weather is right around the corner. Which means flexible layers and comfy outfits. We’ve made it super easy. Here are six awesome pieces, five awesome outfits, one cool kid. These key pieces can be mixed and matched, creating new looks for Monday through Friday.


Monday: Start the week with something chill. This easy, breezy combo is recess-ready while still looking sharp.


Tuesday: Layers sans fuss – look cool but stay warm out on the playground. And when it’s learning time he can roll up his sleeves and lose the vest!



Wednesday: You can’t go wrong with a cool graphic tee and camo! layer with the Remy Shirt for extra personality.



Thursday: There’s no need to save casual for Fridays. This look is laid-back simplicity at its best.



Friday: Be ready for that 3pm bell and whatever the weekend may bring.  Just throw on his favorite sneaker and you’re golden!



Inside Appaman HQ: Meet Our Production Guru!

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Last week, we caught up with Abby, our production guru!  She’s the one who ensures your little one’s clothes fit comfortably and move when they move.  Read on to see how the magic happens. 

So what is it exactly that you do? Tell us about your job.

I think I’ve been asked this at every job that I go to. It’s complex what I do. Here at Appaman I am both the technical designer and half the production team! You can guess I am always busy. As the technical designer I work very closely with our design team and I assist in developing the structure of the design from concept to production. I work with the boys and girls designer to make their vision a success. I particularly focus on the fit of a garment, its construction, and fabric structure. All of these elements are tricky when it comes to children because of how quickly they grow and how active they are. For example, when I’m fitting a garment I always take into consideration how the body of a child moves, if a seam is too uncomfortable for them, will they wear this out on the playground? I’m basically trying to engineer a great product that a kid can feel comfortable wearing and will have a good life span.

I am also a part of the production team which means I help organize the logistics of the design. How many colors will a certain style come in? In what sizes will it be in? What are the different trims and accessories it may have? Along with the logistics of each design, the production team also makes sure that we are delivering a safe product for your child. Which means we are constantly staying up to day with safety regulations that are federally regulated. We are constantly testing the trims and fabrics so that nothing toxic or hazardous is on your child. The production team is responsible for knowing the garment inside and out, and if we ever believe we didn’t deliver a great product, we won’t hesitate in recalling an item or replacing it. Without our production team our designs wouldn’t exist, we make sure we deliver the best for your kiddo!

Where did you study or learn your craft?

My mom couldn’t afford any of the fancy dresses I always wanted to wear, but apart from that she loved sewing. I grew up watching her sew my birthday dresses and halloween costumes and since then I’ve been fasinating with how garments come together. I started sewing at such a young because I wanted to be just like mom! I think I was six years old when I first received my first toy sewing machine, I loved it! Half way through highschool I decided I no longer wanted to persue this as a passion but as a career and so I enrolled in vocational classes for design earning credit towards my college degree. I guess it started there. I received my first degree in fashion design at a two year school and wanted to continue studying it. Believe it or not I failed my first pattern making class in college, I was mortified. But I was determined to spend the rest of my life in design. Once I finished my first degree I applied to the Fashion Institute of Design, because it is one of the best schools in the world for art and design, and fashion. So I packed my bags up and moved across the country. I received two degrees there in both fashion disign and techinal design. A lot of my experience and expertise comes from working with some world renown pattern makers from Italy, Hong Kong, and Sri Lanka. Both who have either worked in design houses or are the head pattern masters of huge factories who worked with large clients like Nautica and Material Girl.

What is the thing you are proudest of that you’ve made, designed or achieved?

I love walking the streets of New York and recognizing some of the designs I have worked on being worn by New Yorkers. Especially when it looks great on them, I always want to walk up to people and tell them they look amazing in something I helped bring to life. But then I remember I live in New York and would probably sound crazy if I did that.

What is the biggest challenge about your job?

Everything. There is no easy part of my job. I am one of the few people, apart from the designers, who really has to understand each product and trim inside out. It becomes very stressful. Usually, I have to get several different final approvals before telling overseas to cut and sew for bulk production, that alone is avery stressful position to be in. Especially when math is involved. There so much math that is involved in childrens wear because the way kids grow just doesns’t make any sense, there’s no equation that desides that other than it’s just the way the human body grows in the first 14 years of life but because we’re dealing with thousands of units for mass production there is little room for error. So, when the design is finally ready to be cut and sewn I need to make sure all my T’s and I’s are dotted and every step and procedure is as cleavoyant as possible.


Check out to shop our current winter collection. 

Halloween costumes from your Appaman wardrobe

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Halloween is a big deal here at Appaman HQ, so we like to do our best to help you find your dream costume. Here are six ideas for looks based on something you might already have in your Appaman wardrobe!

Shop the look:

Retro Track Suit

Shop the look:

  1. Faux Fur Coat
  2. Cosmos Lounge Pant
  3. Kat Hat

Shop the look:

  1. Willow Dress
  2. Leggings
  3. Verger Hat

Shop the look:

  1. Eve Dress
  2. Faux Fur Coat

Shop the look:

  1. Mod Suit
  2. Standard Shirt
  3. Tie

Shop the look:

  1. Fringe Jacket
  2. Skinny Twill Pants

Hanging out with Parker Bates

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The young star of NBC’s This Is Us stopped by Appaman to talk all things LA, fashion and adventure. Catch the Season Premiere on NBC tonight! 

Hello Parker! So – first thing’s first – what city do you live in? Los Angeles, CA, but I’m from Frisco, Texas!

Tell us a little about your family? My mom and dad have rhyming names, Karli and Charlie. My brother Prestyn is a year older than me, and he is an actor too!

What is your favorite restaurant? Blue C Sushi in Hollywood, or Mama D’s in Manhattan Beach.

If you had a day in your city to yourself, talk us through how you would spend it? I would start at Dodger Stadium running the bases, move on to the The Galaxy Center to shoot some goals, then hike up and touch the Hollywood sign.  I think I would have to wrap up my day with a trip to Disneyland because there wouldn’t be any lines!   

What is your favorite holiday destination for winter? Angel Fire, New Mexico, because I love to snowboard, and that is where I learned how to when I was little. It’s a special place!

How do you spend thanksgiving? My mom’s birthday is sometimes on Thanksgiving, so we usually take her somewhere special and do a destination Thanksgiving! It’s kind of awesome to eat birthday cake and Turkey on the same day!

How do you usually spend fourth of July? We always go to the river in Texas and have a huge 4th of July brunch at my Grandparent’s house.  We go to the rodeo and fireworks show that evening.  It’s a blast!

You’re on an island for 5 days – what five things do you take with you? I would bring a 4-wheeler so I could explore, a portable BBQ grill, a tent, a friend, and fishing gear! Sounds like a fun vacation to me!

What is the thing you are looking forward to most right now?  Probably Halloween because we get to dress up and stay up late!  Plus, my mom makes us eat healthy, so I’m looking forward to CANDY!

What is your favorite TV show and why? I’m kind of hooked on Stranger Things right now.  It’s scary and suspenseful, plus I’ve met a couple of the kids from the show. I’m really excited they are getting so much positive recognition for their hard work.  It’s pretty cool these kids are making such a big impact in an adult industry!

What is your favorite movie and why? E.T. It’s a classic! It was totally ahead of its time and how could you not love the story?  I thought Drew Barrymore did an insane job for being so little!

What is your strangest talent – it can be anything! I’m crazy flexible, and I can do the splits!

If you could see one band or musician alive or dead, who would it be?  Charlie Puth for sure.  Guy is crazy talented!

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Well, I was lucky enough to hear Gwynn Stockwell, from Space X, speak the other day.  She says we will be traveling to the moon and possibly Mars soon!  I totally believe her and hope it happens.  I’ll be the first to book a vacay!  

In your life so far, what has been the most significant thing to happen to you? I would say that reaching a huge life goal would be super significant!  My goal was to be cast as a series regular on a network show, so getting to play Kevin Pearson is a total dream come true!  I am forever gracious for this opportunity to do what I love!

Who would play you in a biopic of your life? People have said I look like a young Leonardo DiCaprio, and he happens to be my favorite actor, so I would be honored if it were him!  But, it might make more sense for me to play him, and that would be totally ok with me!

If you had to wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be? Timbs, done!  Seriously bro, even with shorts…I love them!  (Timberlands)

What is your ‘spirit animal?’ My mom says I’m a lion.  Lions are brave and loyal, beautiful and strong.  It’s special that she thinks that of me.  She also says I’m always hungry, rough and wild, and that’s pretty accurate! 

What app has changed your life? Waze!  You LA people totally know what I’m talking about!  We couldn’t function without it!

Pictured: Parker wears the Retro Tracksuit Set in Black available on our website, shirt is Parker’s own. 

Photography: Irvin Rivera 

HMU: Sifa Mua

Styling: Shannon Goldberg

Find Parker on Instagram

Spotted: Appaman in Parents Magazine

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How cute is this avocado costume? Thanks Parents Magazine for the feature. You can get our Skinny Twill Pants in leather brown (pictured) and a variety of super cool colors from our web store.


Happy Earth Day! Here are some awesome new ways you can help the planet

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How does your family celebrate Earth Day? Whether it’s planting trees, getting involved in local recycling projects, volunteering with animals, or learning new ways to conserve energy,  Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate the impact we have on the planet and empower kids with tools and ideas about how they can personally make a difference, whether it’s as a family, locally in their community, or on a larger scale.

Even if you normally wouldn’t consider yourself an environmentalist, you may be surprised to discover how many different kinds of sustainability projects that may inspire you to get involved with long term.

No matter your interests, talents, or passions, there’s bound to be something that gets you excited to pitch in.

To help you channel your Earth Day enthusiasm into some year-round momentum, we’ve put together a list of a few super cool projects and organizations to help you start thinking outside the box and get involved in something awesome that also benefits the planet.

1) Shark Guardian

Marine conservation isn’t just for the “cute” animals. Thanks to the popularity of a little movie called Jaws, you may think of sharks as big, scary, human-hungry predators. In reality, humans are a much bigger threat to humans than they are to us. This shark and marine conservation group works to dispel those nasty rumors, educating kids and adults about the misconceptions about sharks and important role they play in marine ecosystems. Kids can even download a presentation to share with their class. Are you and your family recreational scuba diver? Shark Guardian partners with dive shops around the world to gather data about shark sightings (or lack therof) to help with research and statistics that are used to promote marine conservation programs. That means you — yes, YOU — get to be a shark researcher!

2) Planet Bee

Did you know that one in every three bites you take is made possible by bees? Gardening isn’t just about the plants.  In 2016 we lost 44% of managed beehives. Honeybees are a vital part of our ecosystem, and populations are dropping by the billions  in recent years. The Planet Bee Foundation is dedicated to working with schools, nonprofits,  summer camps, businesses, and community gardens to help inspire kids and adults to be involved in bee conservation. There are kinds of ways you can get involved, through the ZomBee Watch Project, having a “Bee-Day” party, or, if you are an adult, corporate beekeeping! Why chat around the water cooler when you could chat around the bee hive?

3) Materials for the Arts

Are you an artistic type that likes to reduce, reuse, and recycle? If so, you should know about MFTA, a nonprofit organization run by New York City that accepts excess materials from businesses and individuals and redistributes it to eligible arts groups, nonprofits, and schools. With all of the design-focused businesses in New York, the MTFA warehouse is chock full of an ever-changing supply of top-notch goods from industries of all kinds. You never know what you’re going to get! Want to get involved? See if your group is eligible to “shop” the MFTA warehouse, sign up for a workshop, volunteer to help with operations, or donate your excess goods so a local arts group can make something new.

Happy Valentine’s Day, love Appaman

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Much love, friends. Love, Appaman HQ

Lots of love from the mean streets of NYC

Sending love from the mean streets of NYC

AppaMoms Roundup

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Our AppaMom featured bloggers have been hard at work adding their own spin to Appaman Spring/Summer 2014 style. Fine Tailoring, graphic tees, and fun accessories – you name it, they’ve styled it!

PopStreet Kidz

At PopStreet Kidz, Wynn experimented with layering and rolling the cuffs of his Skinny Twill Pants and Stanton Shorts to create his own tailored looks – from crisp and preppy and rock ‘n’ roll casual.

popstreet1appamom1-1024x852 appamom7-1024x682

We love the attention to detail here — whether it’s a smart cuff on the pants paired with a button-up shirt, or the pushed-up sleeves of the throwback Barracuda Jacket over a graphic henley tee, this mom and son team have put together a series of looks that looks cool and effortless. Check out their blog to see more personalized looks and ideas for mixing Appaman pieces into your wardrobe.

Featured above:
Look 1 – Tilden Shirt in Pacific Blue, Graham Cardigan in Heather Grey, Skinny Twill Pants in Galaxy, The Lennon Sunglasses in Silver
Look 2 – Barracuda Jacket in Vintage Black, Short Sleeve Henley in Concrete, Stanton Shorts in Robot Blue, Rockabilly Sunglasses in Brown

Stroller in the City

Next up is Stroller in the City, who opted to stylize a longtime Appaman fan favorite: the Mod Suit.


Rocking the Mod Suit with a cotton Fisherman Cap, mirrored sunglasses, and tiger graphic shirt makes for a great combination of formal and casual. Model Ryder is on his second Mod Suit, and mom Brianne says, “Ry has worn this suit in so many ways… to a formal function with a button down and tie, just the jacket with jeans, just the pants…I wanted to showcase how this suit can be worn dressed down, we rolled up the sleeves to show off the Appaman signature logo and paired it with the Tiger Slub Tee rather than a tailored shirt.” See more photos here.

We love it!

Featured above: Mod Suit in Navy, Fisherman Cap in Galaxy, Rockabilly Sunglasses in Clear, Tiger Slub Tee in Black

Mom Generations

And finally, we have our girly look of the group! Nine month-old Victoria is our youngest featured model, sporting some pieces from Appaman’s girl collection over on Mom Generations. 


Going for the all-pink look, Victoria is wearing some of our favorite multi-purpose pieces that are available in mini sizes as well as big kid sizes. The Mermaid tee is a spring and summer staple that looks great with the Boardwalk Cardigan in the chilly weather. Girls of any age know that a skirt-and-legging combo like the Lexie Capri is comfy and functional.

We were glad to see Appaman Girl and Appaman Mini represented in Mom Generation’s house full of boys! For more photos, visit their site.

Featured above: Mermaid Grammercy Tee, Boardwalk Cardigan in Goji Berry, Lexie Capri in Goji Berry, Glam Sunglasses

Stay tuned for more highlights from our AppaMom bloggers

It's here! The Gowanus Grand Prix 2013 Video

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You may have seen the event photos already (click the link if you haven’t), but we just got our hands on the official video from the 2nd Annual Appaman Gowanus Grand Prix.

Check it out!