Girls can wear suits too, and look dang good doing it.

June 5, 2019 in Appaman News, Appaman Style, Fine Tailoring, NYC

These girls are channelling their inner Janelle Monáe while sauntering through the streets of NYC in Appaman suits. Our friends at Luna Magazine did a female Fine Tailoring editorial shoot and we are totally digging it. From the statement hair to the bold suits, this is one style movement we’re on board with.

Styled by:  Glynis S. A. Carpenter

For too long, women societally couldn’t wear men’s clothing, which included suits. One of the first women to actively defy these standards and wear a suit in public was Sarah Bernhardt, a French theatrical actress who in the 1870’s wore a custom-made trouser suit that she called her “boy’s clothes.” It was scandalous, but opened up a new way of viewing menswear. Since then, the pantsuit has become more and more common, and women rocking tuxes is the new norm. So ladies, how about a suit for your next special occasion? You can find them right here on