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It’s mid-August, and as you’re soaking in the rays, thoughts of Back to School may creep into your conscious. Don’t be scared – leave the outfits to us. Our new fall line will make your Back to School transition smooth and stress-free! 

We’ve picked out 10 killer outfits for both boys and girls to rock on the first week. Your kids will be starting the year off strong and stylish, and their comfortable confidence will be turning heads. Meanwhile, you won’t break a sweat. Now sit back and enjoy your last few weeks of summer.

Hit the halls in style with these denim-based looks. We’re starting the year off right with a bold graphic and the adorable Maisy Dress. If the classroom’s getting warm, lose the denim Brookdale Shirt and roll up those sleeves boys. And girls, when the temperature starts dropping, layer on  the Nikki Bomber for a golden statement.

A little bit of edge is perfect for the second day. Can you name a better combo than camo and fur? This Cleo Faux Fur coat is the perfect versatile piece that’ll add flair to any outfit. Boys – don’t fear the blazer. Pairing it with the Slim Leg Denim gives just the right amount of laid-back professionalism. 


No need to fuss – it’s time to get comfy! Layer black sweats or a simple jean with our favorite Ballpark Hoodie or Slouchy Sweatshirt. Girls, if you want to spice up the look, add a pair of bright boots like these sparkly pink ones. Who says comfort can’t be fashion forward?

Today we’ve got an Appaman Classic – flannel opened over a graphic tee. This back-to-school look never gets old. Can we talk about this Luna Hoodie Jacket? Fuzzy, purple, cat ears – this head-turning jacket has everything going for it. 

Time to make your last impression for the week. Don’t worry, we won’t disappoint. Girls are looking bright and bold in the Printed Legging and fuzzy Laurel Top. Pair this outfit with  combat boots and stomp out the schoolwork. Boys will be set for recess in a coordinated, on trend pair Navy Gym Sweats and Baseball Tee in Cloud Heather

Ready to rock the school year in style!

Girls can wear suits too, and look dang good doing it.

June 5, 2019 in Appaman News, Appaman Style, Fine Tailoring, NYC

These girls are channelling their inner Janelle Monáe while sauntering through the streets of NYC in Appaman suits. Our friends at Luna Magazine did a female Fine Tailoring editorial shoot and we are totally digging it. From the statement hair to the bold suits, this is one style movement we’re on board with.

Styled by:  Glynis S. A. Carpenter

For too long, women societally couldn’t wear men’s clothing, which included suits. One of the first women to actively defy these standards and wear a suit in public was Sarah Bernhardt, a French theatrical actress who in the 1870’s wore a custom-made trouser suit that she called her “boy’s clothes.” It was scandalous, but opened up a new way of viewing menswear. Since then, the pantsuit has become more and more common, and women rocking tuxes is the new norm. So ladies, how about a suit for your next special occasion? You can find them right here on


May 7, 2019 in Appaman Style

We’ve recently started working with the Liljestrom boys. Four brothers livin it up on the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii. Their dad John has been dressing them in Appaman suits for years. When we discovered them on instagram, we just knew we had to get them in our latest spring suits. Poppy Red and Scuba Blue Mod Suits were made for settings like the beach. We’re obsessed with how these turned out. We’re campaigning to have our next Fine Tailoring shoot be in Hawaii. 🙂



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Italian high style

Our love for Italian style doesn’t stop at our Fine Tailoring Mod Suits, we’ve taken to the classic lawn sport, Bocce Ball. It’s amazing how fast the hours fly by when playing this classic Italian game.






The very good dogs of Team Appaman!

March 22, 2019 in Appaman News, NYC

We are major dog lovers here at Appaman. You may know that Appaman mascot Party Hat Husum — one of the world’s great dogs and a member of our founders’ family —  comes to work at Appaman HQ nearly every day, to the delight of all that encounter him (except the FedEx guy…sorry, FedEx guy!), and works hard to make our office a happier place every day.

Party Hat, catalog enthusiast, reviewing the Spring 2019 collection.

He was once interviewed for this very blog

He has appeared in many of our videos…

He even inspired one of our t-shirts, years ago…

Party Hat inspired this t-shirt when he was just a little puppy.

Who you have not yet met are the canine companions of the rest of our staff! All dogs are good dogs, and it’s only fair that we introduce each one to our internet friends (i.e. you, Dear Reader). We asked the Appaman HQ dog parents to tell us about their pups, and the weirdest things they do.

First up is Party Hat’s coworker, Ducky, who also comes to the office. (They’re learning how to share toys and have seemingly devised a bark-based Delivery Person Alert System of the highest efficiency)


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Dog name: Duckworth “Ducky” Danger McTilt

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Age:  5-ish (Ducky was rescued as an adult, so we’re not sure. PSA: Adopt adult dogs!)

Owner: Kathleen, Production Manager

Weirdest thing Ducky does: He loves to spin in circles when he’s happy or confused, and hang upside down in your arms. And even though he’s missing a front leg, he still lifts a back one to pee.

Social: You can follow Ducky on Instagram at @ducky_mctilt


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Dog name: Meatball Josephine Grimaldi

Breed: Unidentified mix of Pomeranian, Chihuahua, American Staffordshire Terrier (Pit Bull), according to a DNA test.

Age: 6 (Meatball is a Pisces, her birthday was March 19)

Owner: Val, Girls Designer

Weirdest thing Meatball does: She has lots of weird habits.  One of her favorite things to do is steal your spot when you get up, and then she refuses to move when you return.  We call her the warm spot stealer. She also “kills” her stuffed squirrel nightly and tries to trade us for our food (which has never worked).


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Dog name: Nova

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier/Bichon Frise mix

Age: 20 months. She will be two on July 4 (all-American dog)

Owner: Tina, wholesale account manager

Weirdest thing Nova does: EVERYTHING! (Just kidding) She is super affectionate and loves attention. She loves to sleep with her head buried or her blanket covering her face.


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Dog name: Tucker

Breed: Mini Goldendoodle

Age: 3

Owner: Jenna, Head of Finance

Weirdest thing he does: Tucker is a very good boy without any particularly weird tendencies. But his favorite things to do are destroying all toys and playing with his two human siblings, whom he adores.

Brees and Harley

Dog names: Brees and Harley

Breed: Border Collie/Aussie (Brees) and Great Dane (Harley)

Age: 5.5 & (almost) 5

Owner: Alex G, Ecommerce Manager

The weirdest thing they do: Brees hates when Dad beat boxes and howls at fire trucks. Harley gives big hugs, prances like a horse and will have a conversation with you in his own dog words.

Abby’s Cats

These are Abby’s cats, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. She submitted them in protest of there being no Caturday blog post. There, Abby, are you happy??

Spring Wedding Style Inspo: Brie Cross’s Picturesque Hacienda Nuptials

March 6, 2019 in Appaman Style, Press

It’s wedding season! For springtime or warm weather destination ceremonies, there are many options to choose from when it comes to selecting tailored formalwear for your ring bearer or other children in the wedding party, ranging from beachy-casual to black tie formal.

We recently came across these gorgeous photos from Brie Cross and Marco Antonio Simental Granado’s February wedding in a hacienda outside of Mexico City, photographed by Phil Chester and featured on Brie’s nephew, Liam, was sporting Appaman’s Linen Mod Suit Shorts Set and Standard Shirt, styled with simple white sneakers, for a look that perfectly complemented the natural tones of the location.

Brie shared some of these photos on her Instagram (@briecross), and you can visit for more photos and full wedding details.


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A post shared by Brie Cross (@briecross) on

Why does this work so well? We love how the shorts and sneakers add a bit of youthful fun and comfort, but what seals the deal is a simple color palette and appropriate fit of the suit, which keep it looking stylish and appropriate to the occasion.

Fine Tailoring Tip: When it comes to suiting, fit is key. Appaman suits are designed with a slim, tailored cut, and should look fitted, but not tight. Since all kids are built differently, you might end up needing to visit a tailor before the big day. Always consult our Fit Guide and Size Chart when making purchases, and if you’re still not sure, give us a call! Our team is more than happy to assist you in choosing a great fitting, seasonally appropriate Fine Tailoring look.

Shop Appaman’s Fine Tailoring collection for more spring, summer, and destination wedding looks 

New Kids on the Boardwalk

February 12, 2019 in Appaman Style, New This Season

Inspired by our favorite carnival nostalgia, our Spring 2019 collection resembles a day spent on the Coney Island Boardwalk. Indulge in cotton candy colors and sun drenched fabrics. We celebrate kids being kids through warm weather staples that are made for play. See you on the beach!


Packing for Vacation With Kids – Our Tips

January 8, 2019 in Appaman Style, Mom Hacks, New This Season

Getting ready to escape the cold on a warm-weather trip with your kids? Not only do we have all-new vacation styles in our Getaway Shop, we have some top packing tips for you that we hope will help take some of the stress out of trip preparations, so you can focus on the fun.

Try on all your summer stuff

It’s only been a few months, but make sure to do a full try-on of swimwear, shorts, and any warm weather gear well in advance. Winter growth spurts can sneak by unnoticed, and you might have forgotten how stretched out or chlorine-damaged your swimsuits had gotten by the end of the summer season. Now is a great time for a refresh.

Fast forward six months

When choosing sizes for winter and spring break trips, think forward about four to six months. To get the most out of your purchases, you probably want your vacation gear to last throughout summer, if possible. That said, too-big clothes aren’t comfortable or useful, so if you’re in between sizes, opt for garments that still look cool with an oversized fit, like a pullover top, or bottoms that have elastic or adjustable waists.

Keep in mind – while 100% cotton fabrics might shrink a bit after drying, stretchy lycra or spandex swimwear will likely stretch out a little bit after many wears (to slow this down, always rinse swimsuits after each wear, wash them gently, and keep them out of the dryer)

Think multifunctional

Multifunctional, layerable clothing makes vacation packing a breeze. You’ll carry less, and be prepared for more. Here are some of our favorite tips:

  • Breezy button up shirts, like the Playa Shirt, can be dressed up, layered over tees, or worn on the beach as a cover-up.
  • Dresses that double as cover ups, like the Ava Dress, can be worn alone as an outfit, with swimwear, or layered with leggings.
  • A tropical romper, like the Novia Romper, combines a top and bottom in one. It’s as cute as a dress, but made for playtime.
  • To transition from chilly planes or cool nights to sunny, warm post-pool days, we love a loop terry sweatshirt. You’ll almost always find this sort of material in our spring/summer line. It’s not fuzzy fleece, so it’s comfortable on still-wet skin (like a towel).
  • Lightweight twill pants or stylish sweats are more versatile than heavy jeans for traveling between climates.
  • Quick dry shorts — such as the Hybrid Shorts or Copa Swim Shorts — are fantastic for travel. They fit like casual shorts but are made with the same light, water-friendly fabric as swim trunks, so they’re perfect for boating, rafting, or any activity where you might get splashed. When you’re not wearing them in the water, they double as casual clothes.

Plan for bad weather

Believe it or not, it can even rain in paradise! Pack for the possibility of bad weather — many tropical destinations experience short daily afternoon showers in the spring, or might be in the middle of rainy season. Pack a windbreaker (the Expedition Windbreaker, above, will be available in February) compact ponchos, quick-dry clothes, or shoes that can withstand a splash (we love waterproof, stylish, lightweight Natives).

It’s also handy to bring a few plastic resealable zipper bags for an inexpensive way to instantly protect your phone, passport, or other paper goods in an unexpected storm or a not-so-dry boat ride.

Bring multiple swimsuits

Have you ever put on a still-damp bathing suit first thing in the morning? Yuck! Packing two to three swimsuits per person can be a game-changer if you’re a family who loves the water, especially in humid locations where air-drying takes longer.

Plus, having multiple, mix-and-match swimsuit styles gives you plenty of activity-specific options:

  • Short sleeve and long sleeve rash guards have gotten very popular in recent years – and for good reason. They offer instant sun protection, and while a rash guard can’t replace sunscreen, it also can’t wash off and doesn’t need time to “sink in.” They also offer great protection from tumbles into the sand, so your boogie-boarding, snorkeling kids will love them.
  • For girls, two-piece styles are convenient for kids who hate the on-and-off process for every bathroom trip, prefer to mix-and-match tops and bottoms, and can be more comfortable for a kid with a long torso. One-piece styles can be a no-fuss style for sporty, active girls, while bikinis provide the least amount of fabric to bunch up, and are the easiest to wear under cover-up dresses or other clothing.
  • Appaman offer two swim trunk fits: First, the classic Swim Trunk, the knee-length board short, with California surfer style and elastic in the back waistband. Next, the Mid Length Swim Trunks, for kids who prefer a full elastic waist and a little less length. Both styles can be paired with either a long sleeved or short sleeved rash guard, so you can customize your swim suit to your needs.

Shop all Appaman swim here

Put everything in packing cubes and roll-up vacuum seal bags

Who wants to spend their precious vacation folding and re-folding laundry, or digging to the bottom of a the family suitcase for a single sock? No one that we know. Packing cubes are the best travel hacks out there for sorting clothing by category or by person. You can have one for swim, one for shirts, one for pants. Or, each kid can get their own cubes, which can all pack efficiently in a shared suitcase. Nothing gets mixed up, and clothing is easy to find, distribute, and put away again. Store dirty clothes in extra cubes or in space-saving vacuum seal compression bags, which are also great for bulky or damp items.

Invest in a few light, packable day packs

Does your family love to get up and out for a day of adventure? Pick up a few ultra lightweight nylon backpacks with padded straps, the kind popular with hikers and backpackers. There are tons to choose from, they take up almost no extra luggage space when not in use. Each kid can store their own personal items for the day, with room to spare for any souvenirs they might acquire.

Have the kids pack their own things

If your kids are old enough to read and follow a to-do list, they’re old enough to help pack! Provide them with a bag, a pen, and a checklist with a specific number of tops, bottoms, swimsuits, toys, et cetera. Not only will they get to share the excitement, they’ll take some ownership of the process and learn how to prepare for travel.

Consider shipping your luggage 

Strollers, gear, and actual children can quickly take up all of your free arms. If your accommodations can easily accept packages, you can inquire about shipping your stuff ahead of time. Whether it will save on baggage fees depends on the airline, but it will surely save on airport hassle, especially if you are taking multiple flights or travel with a large family. Be sure to use a trackable service with a guaranteed delivery date, or a specialty luggage shipping service, to easily coordinate the arrival.

Don’t let it stress you out

Super planners…we’re talking to you! Being prepared is awesome, but don’t worry yourself or overpack preparing for every possible scenario. In all likelihood, it won’t be the end of the world if you forget something or pack a little too light. Other than IDs, travel documents and a select few must-haves, anything truly necessary is most likely available at your destination. After all, unless it’s incredibly remote, other people live there. Clothes can be washed or re-worn. Toothpaste can be located. USB cables are widely available. Don’t let preparation anxiety get in the way of the happy anticipation of time spent together with your loved ones.

Inspired to start packing? Check out vacation styles for swim and sun here in the Appaman Getaway Shop.


Holiday Outfit Inspo Roundup

December 28, 2018 in Appaman Style, Holiday Style

Happy (post) holidays! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite holiday-approved looks from some of our biggest fans.

We love to see how you wear your Appaman duds. Tag us on Instagram (@appaman or #appaman) to give us a peek of your personal style.

Bold, wintery velvet meets a saturated color palette and high drama in these fabulous, stylish studio shots from Creative Soul Photo, an Atlanta-based photography team that “celebrates under-celebrated beauty.” Featuring our velvet Shawl Collar Blazer, Velvet Mod Suit, and Bow Ties, all from our winter Fine Tailoring collection:


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Is there anything that says “Christmas in NYC” more than the Rockettes? Here is Appaman fan Tre Ryder, who played Ben in this year’s Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular, strikes a pose outside his “office:”


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Sibling style! We love the blue palette and cool-but-coordinated look that Jake Satow (in the Velvel Mod Suit) and his sister (in the Alaska Dress) were rocking this year:


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And finally, for a laid-back, Laguna Beach twist on a Christmas card photo, ditch the shoes and head to the beach. Lydia McLaughlin‘s sons nailed this look in Appaman Mod Suits and Standard Shirts:


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There’s nothing we love more than seeing how creative Appaman fans are when they’re expressing themselves through personal style. Feeling inspired? Bookmark Appaman’s Fine Tailoring Collection so our formalwear is always one click away.

Winter Outerwear – The Ultimate Guide

October 18, 2018 in Appaman Style, New This Season

The weather is finally getting cooler and at Appaman that means everything pumpkin spice (we know) and a cause near and dear to our hearts – outerwear! Outerwear is something we’re proud to be known for and this year we have one of our most versatile collections yet! With more styles and colors than ever you’re bound to find the perfect winter piece for your kid! Consider this your easy to follow guide – accompanied with some customer feedback that had us blushing.

Moderate Warmth

For keeping out the wind chill and layering with your favorite fall outfits. 

appaman turnstile featherweight asymmetrical wilderness jacket

The Turnstile Jacket

  • A puffy vest with removable insulated sleeves, this is a great transitional or layering piece
  • A two-in-one style!

3/5 snowflakes

Feather Weight Down Puffer

  • Lightweight and perfect for travel
  • Down & feather fill
  • Great for in between season and mild temperatures, layers well with a tee.

3/5 snowflakes

Wilderness Jacket

  • A waist-length bomber with a sherpa lining in the vest and hood, plus a detachable hood.
  • Elasticated waist and cuffs make for a snug fit

3/5 snowflakes

Asymmetrical Zip Coat

  • Light internal quilting provides warmth while maintaining a structured mod look
  • Detachable hood and double breasted collar snap makes for versatile styling and warmth

3/5 snowflakes

Our customers say: “Very warm and stylish – which is not an easy find!” – Zappos customer

All-Purpose Warmth

All purpose down filled coats for every day winter wear – their down-fill make these coats super snug, while they are light weight enough to be worn during mild weather, out in the playground and piled up in the car.  

appaman outerwear puffy coat base camp puffer middie puffer

Middie Puffer Coat

  • A lightweight winter anorak with a sherpa lined core, the Middie Puffer is literally “in the middle” of our warmth category
  • Features a water resistant outer layer, hip pockets and flamboyant and cozy hood.

3.5/5 snowflakes

Puffy Coat 

Our blockbuster Puffy Coat is available in ten colors this season. It’s water resistant and hip length. Thanks to its lofty down and feather fill,  it’s not “too much” coat when the weather is milder but still warm enough to wear on the chilliest of days. This has one of our top selling coats for many years for its warmth and versatility.

  • Water resistant
  • Elasticized waist and cuffs
  • Well suited for anything winter throws at you!

4/5 snowflakes

Base Camp Puffer

A new addition to the all-purpose family, the Base Camp Puffer cuts a sleek silhouette, with exactly the same down and feather fill as the Puffy Coat. Think of it as the Puffy Coat’s sporty cousin.

  • Features a breathable knit interior collar and hidden waistband to cut the wind chill
  • Water resistant exterior shell

4/5 snowflakes

Our customers say: “It’s not just the quality, I love their modern twist on classic looks that never go out of style.” – Zappos customer


Super Warmth

For when the temperatures, plummet these coats offer maximum protection from snow and cold. 

appaman long down coat himalaya denali coat

Long Down Coat

Along with the Puffy Coat, the Long Down Coat is one of our top sellers year after year for its warmth, versatility, and style.

  • Same fill as the Puffy Coat, but with extra length for extra protection
  • Features a glamorous faux fur trimmed hood, which helps keep the wind off of your face.

4.5/5 snowflakes

Himalaya Down Coat

This brand new style is similar to the Long Down coat, but with an anorak look

  • Double lined with a water resistant outer shell and a sherpa lined hood.
  • Down & feather fill
  • Two front pockets and a chest zipper along with an outer snap placket for extra coverage from wind chill.

4.5/5 snowflakes

Denali Down Coat

Our absolute warmest coat! While many of the above other coats are designed to be go-to, all-winter choices for kids who live in snowy winter climates, we recommend this one to our friends in extra cold locations when they ask about the most serious jacket we offer (Canada and Chicago fans, we’re looking at you!)

  • Featuring a rugged exterior, the same cozy down/feather fill as our other winter coats, PLUS an extra sherpa lining in hood and core
  • The fur trim is detachable so you can adjust based on wind protection required.
  • Sleeves and cuffs are ribbed and the high collar features a snap placket to protect the neck from windchill

5/5 snowflakes!

“Please continue to make down filled coats! My daughter wears a down filled Appaman coat and I feel satisfied knowing that in the frigid winter she is warm walking to school.” – customer